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Two photographer friends join together, a green Land Rover Discovery II and the desire for adventures away from civilization,
that's PIXEL ROVER, a Rover and two pixels.
In 2018, friends Farzad Orsgani and Lars Lehman started PIXEL ROVER in Hamburg.
Both trained photographers, they wanted to get out of their daily routine and find adventure - on the trail of the unknown and looking for new challenges and photo subjects.
They quit their jobs, pooled their savings, and realized their desire for freedom on four wheels.
With PIXEL ROVER, adventure, photography, and off-roading can be realized all over the world.
In 2019, Lars left the team and Farzad continued to travel alone in search of new special locations, motifs, and a new pixel for the team.
In 2021, photographer Hannah Jatho joined the PIXEL ROVER team as an integral companion who has since been the complementary pixel to Farzad.
The two of them were united not only by a love of adventure, but also by a passion for photography and off-road driving.
Since then, they have been on the road in search of that wow! moment with people, nature, and new cultures. Their off-road camper takes them to new and remote places, where they can expose breathtaking motifs, be one with nature, and let their souls dangle while off-roading.
This is the fulfillment of their dreams, this is freedom.
Currently, they are working alongside their great partners* and are always looking for new partners* to mutually benefit from each other.
If you are interested in working with the PIXEL ROVER team, please contact them directly here or via their Instagram.
Together into the next adventure...



Farzad Orsgani is a trained photographer from Afghanistan and currently resides in Germany.
Since 2015, he has been working as a freelance photographer on his own projects in Hamburg, Northern Spain, and Iran, the country where he was born. He also collaborates with other photographers on projects not only throughout Europe but the world.
Farzad's lifestyle has been characterized by travel, adventure, and closeness to nature from an early age, so his photography emerged organically from what shaped him.
After several years of professional experience in advertising and lifestyle photography with productions and travels around the globe, his passion manifested itself toward landscape and outdoor photography.

She is a trained photographer and marketing communications specialist, has been working on photo, film and social media projects in Germany since 2014.
She shares Farzad's spirit of adventure and travel and is excited about what nature has to offer.
Recognizing light and landscape around the world with plenty of time is the ideal counterpoint to the fast-paced projects in the metropolises.



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